We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!

Demo kits and samples

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Demo Kits

Our demo kits are designed so that you can hear the difference Soundskrit microphones can make in your products. Our demo kits implement a variety of our recommended microphone configurations to pair with our software and allow you to evaluate the performance for yourself. If you are looking for something more specific to your product, we work alongside many of our customers to build proof-of-concept devices, tell us more about your project and we can work alongside you to develop an industry-leading audio solution.

Mantis Headset Kit

The Soundskrit Mantis kit is designed to evaluate the performance of Soundskrit microphones and software in a headset scenario. Our typical headset recommendation is to combine an omnidirectional and dipole microphone to enable several software features. This pair is present in three positions, one near the mouth as in a traditional boom headset, one further back for a reduced boom length, and one near the ear as found in boomless wireless headphones.

At each location there are two beamforming algorithms from our SimplyDSP platform running on the Arm Cortex M7 processor. First is a highdirectivity, linear beamformer. Second there is a nonlinear beamformer which runs noise reduction algorithms and mutes when the user is not speaking.



  • Easily mounts to an existing headset
  • Three SKR0410 microphones and three omnidirectional microphones
  • Compare two beamforming algorithms at three different positions
  • Test the sound quality over a video conference
  • USB-C interface

Ladybug Evaluation Kit

The Soundskrit Ladybug kit is a tool to evaluate Soundskrit microphones and their potential when combined with beamforming algorithms. The kit includes our Ladybug board, which is a small coupon board with a dipole and an omnidirectional MEMS microphone, a coupon board with a single dipole microphone, and our SPIDAR board, which is a convenient interface to connect MEMS microphones over USB. The SPIDAR board runs several embedded beamforming algorithms from our SimplyDSP software package using the Ladybug board to demonstrate how different polar patterns and algorithms can be used to enhance directionality and reduce background noise.



  • Includes the Ladybug board which includes the powerful pairing of an SKR0400 dipole microphone and an omnidirectional microphone
  • Multipe different beamforming algorithms - Linear beams like Cardioid or Hypercardioid, and Nonlinear noise reduction
  • Dedicated output to easily connect analog MEMS microphones to audio analyzers
  • USB-C interface

Horizon Development Platform

The Soundskrit Development Platform is an easy-to-use board that highlights our five standard microphone configurations. The Horizon can mount to the top of your laptop and connects via USB. Our graphical user interface guides you through each configuration and various software features we have implemented.

Horizon Mounted on Laptop


  • Allows users to switch between various configurations of Soundskrit microphones
  • See the power of combining Soundskrit microphones with traditional omnidirectional microphones
  • Switch between several experiences enabled by Soundskrit's software
  • Easily mounts on top of any laptop
  • USB-C interface
  • Omnidirectional reference microphone
  • Comes with user-friendly GUI for control
  • Can be used directly for voice calls
Privacy Mode

Focus on the user's voice for clear and full vocal pickup in noisy and reverberant environments.

Collaboration Mode

Isolate multiple users in 360° so that everyone comes across clearly.

True Stereo Recording

For the first time ever, you can record stereo using the same techniques found in pro-audio in a thin laptop formfactor.

Selectable Beampattern

Choose between multiple polar patterns; dipole, hyper-cardioid, super-cardioid, cardioid, and omnidirectional.

Sampling Options

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