We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!


World's first high-performance MEMS directional microphone

Soundskrit enables the next generation of consumer audio by bringing directional microphones from the studio to everyday devices.

We use microphones to interact with our devices and each other every day. Modern consumers expect perfect audio pick-up in every environment. Soundskrit directional microphones are robust to environmental noise to ensure that users are always heard the way they expect to be. Our bio-inspired MEMS shrinks the functionality of multi-microphone arrays into a single chip so product designers can improve performance, decrease power consumption, and simplify integration.

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SPIDAR Board Overview and Setup
Charley explains our SPIDAR board development kit and demonstrates how to take a quick recording.
Polar Patterns Part Two: Ambient Noise
In part two of our polar patterns series, Anton demonstrates how different polar patterns reduce background, ambient noise.
Polar Patterns Part One: Introduction to Microphone Polar Patterns
Anton, an applications engineer here at Soundskrit demonstrates the difference between microphone polar patterns so you can hear what different microphones sound like.
Cardioid privacy move removes speech from behind
In this video, Julien and Vincent talk on opposite sides of a laptop to show how using directional microphones can remove more noise than even the best AI using omnidirectional based arrays.
Conferencing mode brings quality conference calls to any device
Directional microphones reduce the space required for high-end conferencing. Using just two Soundskrit microphones, portable electronics can match the performance of dedicated conferencing equipment.
Privacy mode blocks out more noise
The XY privacy mode uses two directional microphones and AI to completely remove background noise.
Soundskrit at CES 2023
Charley and Ravi demo Soundskrit's microphones at CES 2023
Soundskrit Directional AI Voice Isolation
Soundskrit microphones block out the voices of those around you
Transcribing multiple speakers
Soundskrit microphones can separate two voices to transcribe multiple speakers.
Soundskrit Horizon Overview
The Soundskrit Horizon Development Kit makes it easy to test out our direcitonal microphones and AI software.
Soundskrit Technology Overview
Soundskrit developed a new MEMS transducer designed for directionality from the ground up.
Dual Speaker Demo – Soundskrit vs A.I.
Soundskrit microphones remain clear even where A.I. fails