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Application notes

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Application Notes

Soundskrit's directional microphones are fundamentally different from other MEMS microphones on the market. As such, the unique nature of these microphones must be considered when measuring, integrating, and developing with these microphones. We have obsessed over these details so you don't have to. Compiled in our app notes below is the knowledge we have amassed to ensure your products are the gold standard of consumer audio. If you have any additional questions about development or integration please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Integration Guide for Directional MEMS Microphones

This document will introduce the key integration nconsiderations of Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphones and help build intuition around how to use these microphones in products.


Attributes of Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-110 walks through key attributes of Soundskrit's directional microphones such as directionality, SNR, acoustic path length, and more.


Comparing Omnidirectional and Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-100 explains the key differences between directional and omnidirectional MEMS microphones.

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Designing linear arrays with directional microphones