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SimplyClear Software

Unlock the potential of directionality

Directional microphones open up a new realm of signal processing. We have built an expertise in utilizing the directionality of our microphones to enhance voice quality and enable a new set of features not possible with omnidirectional microphones.

Our software is available in two flavors, SimplyDSP and SimplyAI. SimplyDSPincludes, lightweight, traditional signal processing based algorithms. SimplyDSP includes beamforming algorithms, true stereo recording, automatic gain control, direction of arrival detection and more. With SimplyAI comes our more advanced machine learning based algorithms. This maximizes the potential of directional microphones with our privacy mode which can distinguish between multiple speakers and our collaboration mode which can effectively record large groups with only a small pair of microphones.


Traditional Acoustic Signal Processing

Soundskrit’s SimplyDSP software suite leverages traditional acoustic signal processing to bring lightweight, low-latency algorithms to those DSPs that are the most resource-constrained. All the processing in the SimplyDSP suite maintains low distortion and makes sure to maintain the highest level of audio quality possible.

Equalization: The audio output is equalized to provide a natural, crisp, podcast-like sound quality.

Direction of Arrival: Our microphones know exactly which direction a sound source is coming from.

Beamformer: The output of multiple microphones can be combined to increase the directionality of the microphone, and dynamically steer it to any direction.

Automatic Gain Control: A user’s voice level is constantly adjusted to keep it consistent as they move closer to or farther away from the microphone.

True Stereo: The XY configuration of microphones brings professional style stereo recording to any consumer electronics. Directional based stereo recording has an immersive, wide soundstage with accurate imaging.


AI-Enhanced Directionality

Soundskrit’s SimplyAI combines the latest advancements in AI-based audio processing with the power of directional microphones to bring powerful, high-performance voice pickup to any consumer device. Designed for the ultimate voice experience, SimplyAI is trained specifically on Soundskrit’s directional microphones in order to achieve extreme amounts of background noise reduction and completely isolate a user’s voice.

Privacy Mode

The SimplyAI privacy mode is ideal for scenarios in which you wish to isolate a single person’s voice from a crowd of background noise. Maintain productive and seamless voice calls, as distracting sounds are completely ignored.

  • Tunable beam width: The field of view of the directional beam can be tuned to a user-specified value. Match the FOV of your camera to create a single unified experience. Speakers from outside of the beam width are completely muted.
  • Dereverberation: Ambient reverb and echo are removed making the user’s voice more crisp and present.
  • Dynamic Noise reduction: Large amounts of background noise are removed including dynamic noises such as dog barking, baby crying, keyboard clicks, etc. Even nearby speakers such as coworkers and family members are completely muted.

Collaboration Mode

SimplyAI is also built for scenarios when the user is not centered in front of the device. Whether a single user is pacing around a room so the pickup direction is always moving or a large group is gathered for a conference call, Collaboration Mode ensures every user is always heard clearly and confidently for a more productive and dynamic user experience.

  • Voice tracking: Determine the direction the user is speaking from with a high degree of accuracy and track users as they move around the beam.
  • Zone detection: Mutes background noise coming from outside of the zone where the speaker is. Zones are enabled dynamically based on where speech is coming from.
  • Automatic gain control: The volume of the user's voice is automatically adjusted to keep the level consistent as the move up to 5 meters away from the microphones.
Microphone Configurations
Single Directional Microphone
Y Only

A single directional microphone has the power of two omnidirectional beamforming microphones without the trade-off between SNR and directionality. By adding acoustic meshes, the beam pattern of the microphone can be altered and paired with software for very low latency and low power audio pickup.

Dipole + Omnidirectional Microphones
Y Omni

By using a directional and omnidirectional microphone together, the polar pattern can be adjusted from cardioid to dipole to optimize the output for specific applications

Read more about combining directional and omnidirectional microphones here


XY + Omnidirectional Microphones
XY Omni

Adding an additional directional microphone enables beamsteering. Point the beam in any directional around the microphones

Read more about using XY microphone here

Broadside Array of Directional Microphones

Use spaced directional microphone, similar to traditional omnidirectional microphone arrays, to further increase the directionality of the system.

Read more about broadside arrays of directional microphones here

Recommended Chipsets

Recommended Chipsets

Our SimplyClear software is widely portable to a variety of processing architectures. Below are a few of the platforms we have ported our software to. This list is meant to provide guidance for the resource requirements and a starting point rather than a definitive list. Our software can be ported to many other platforms beyond this list.


Arm Cortex-M7, M4F, M33
Cadence XTensa LX7
Cadence Tensilica HiFi 3, 3z


Arm Cortex-A7, A9, A53, A73, M7
Cadence Tensillica HiFi 4, 5
Analog Devices SHARC

Horizon Development Platform

The Horizon Development Platform is an easy-to-use board that highlights our five standard microphone configurations. The Horizon can mount to the top of your laptop and connects via USB. Our graphical user interface guides you through each configuration and various software features we have implemented.

Mantis Headset Kit

Our Mantis Headset kit evaluates the performance of Soundskrit microphones and software in a headset situation. We recommend combining an omnidirectional and dipole microphone to unlock several software features. Our microphones are perfect in traditional headsets and in boomless wireless headsets.

Ladybug Evaluation Kit

The Ladybug Evaluation kit evaluates Soundskrit microphones and their potential when combined with omnidirectional microphones using beamforming. This kit demonstrates how different polar patterns and algorithms can enhance directionality and reduce background noise.