We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!



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Horizon Development Platform

The Horizon Development Platform is an easy-to-use board that highlights our five standard microphone configurations. The Horizon can mount to the top of your laptop and connects via USB. Our graphical user interface guides you through each configuration and various software features we have implemented.

Mantis Headset Kit

Our Mantis Headset kit evaluates the performance of Soundskrit microphones and software in a headset situation. We recommend combining an omnidirectional and dipole microphone to unlock several software features. Our microphones are perfect in traditional headsets and in boomless wireless headsets.

Ladybug Evaluation Kit

The Ladybug Evaluation kit evaluates Soundskrit microphones and their potential when combined with omnidirectional microphones using beamforming. This kit demonstrates how different polar patterns and algorithms can enhance directionality and reduce background noise.

Application Notes


Designing Linear Arrays with Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-210 examines how arrays designed with directional microphones differ from those using omnidirectional microphones.


Attributes of Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-110 walks through key attributes of Soundskrit's directional microphones such as directionality, SNR, acoustic path length, and more.


Comparing Omnidirectional and Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-100 explains the key differences between directional and omnidirectional MEMS microphones.