We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!

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CES 2023: Hottest Trends in Audio

The hottest trends in audio, featuring Soundskrit, Bose Corp, DSP Concepts, and Knowles.

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audioXpress: Soundskrit Debuts World’s First Directional MEMS Microphone

Audio quality from microphones has never been more important for consumers. With the SKR0400, audio quality has never been better.
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Electronics 360: First bio-inspired directional MEMS microphone unveiled
“We’ve created a microphone that truly isolates a speaker’s voice and delivers the highest-quality sound. We’re not stopping at just one microphone, Soundskrit is building and engineering audio for the future.”
Sensor Tips: Bio-inspired MEMS mic targets connected consumer devices
The SKR0400 is the world’s first bio-inspired directional MEMS microphone built for current and future consumer electronics devices. Soundskrit’s revolutionary new microphone will become the go-to technology for OEMs around the world and reset expectations for consumers for decades to come.
PR Newswire: The Future of Microphone Technology Has Arrived:
Soundskrit debuts the SKR0400, the first directional microphone built for consumer devices of today and tomorrow.
BBC News: Insects and Mobile Phones
Smart phones could become even smarter – thanks to ants, beetles, moths and spiders!
Inside Science: Researchers Mimic Biology to Make a Better, ‘Buggy’ Microphone
Research into insect hearing systems have yielded an improved, directional microphone.
The Naked Scientists: Finding a voice in a crowd
How do you pick one signal out of a noisy place?
Tech Crunch: Inspired by insect ears, Soundskrit wants to make microphones magically directional
Soundskrit microphones are making the complex magically simple.
Intelligent Sound Engineering: The future of Microphone technology
Soundskrit is taking the pressure off your microphone and letting it flow.
Binghamton University News: Spider’s Silk Soundskrit’s MEMS Microphone
Embrace your fears with a spider inspired microphone.