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CES 2023: Hottest Trends in Audio

The hottest trends in audio, featuring Soundskrit, Bose Corp, DSP Concepts, and Knowles.

Our co-founder, Sahil Gupta, joined Bose Corp, DSP Concepts, and Knowles on stage at CES 2023. There, Sahil Gupta and Chin Beckman, Jon Kiachian, and Peter Kosak discussed the hottest trends in audio. Their topics included the metaverse, consumer electronics form factors, translation technology, and directionality.

Particular focus was given to Soundskrit’s directional microphone, which can record audio without background noise at half the cost in space and power of an omnidirectional microphone. This microphone has promising changes for the hearing aid industry, the automotive industry, and consumer electronics design. These four experts agreed that positive and impactful changes could be made in all of these areas when microphones have directionality in their audio recording. And with directionality built right into the hardware, consumer electronics could achieve audio perfection without increasing the hardware requirements.

They also discussed how companies and products not typically related to audio have developed an increasing interest in audio. This trend has produced greater collaboration between consumer electronics companies and audio companies. The increase in interest in audio provides an incentive for innovation in audio, innovation that Soundskrit is capable and ready to provide.

To finish up the panel, each guest mentioned a feature or technology they were most excited about. Chin Beckman, CEO of DSP Concepts, hoped for a solution to issues faced in hybrid work, so that people feel the same working remote as they do in person. Sahil Gupta mentioned his excitement for speech enhancement, improving audio in consumer devices, and real-time translation, allowing technology to break down language barriers that keep people separated. Peter Kosak, Senior Vice President of Bose Corp, expressed his interest in improved audio pickup and the new era of immersive spatial audio, audio sculpted to fit our lives. And Jon Kiachian, the General Manager of Knowles’ MedTech and Specialty Audio business unit, sees great life improvements for everybody with hearing aids being sold over the counter.

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