We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!


World's first high-performance MEMS directional microphone

Soundskrit enables the next generation of consumer audio by bringing directional microphones from the studio to everyday devices.

We use microphones to interact with our devices and each other every day. Modern consumers expect perfect audio pick-up in every environment. Soundskrit directional microphones are robust to environmental noise to ensure that users are always heard the way they expect to be. Our bio-inspired MEMS shrinks the functionality of multi-microphone arrays into a single chip so product designers can improve performance, decrease power consumption, and simplify integration.

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Laptop Demo Video Thumbnail — Image of laptop recording audio
Demonstration of a Laptop Using Soundskrit Microphones
Soundskrit microphones improve online conferencing
Webcam Stereo Demo Video Thumbnail Image – Two people playing guitar
Soundskrit Webcam Stereo Demo
Soundskrit microphones bring true stereo recording to consumer electronics.
soundskrit video placeholder microphone
Demonstration of Soundskrit Directional Microphone Technology
Our software lead, Fred, demonstrates the off-axis rejection of directional microphones.