We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!


True Wireless Stereo

Always connected

When your life is spread out across thousands of miles, you want the products that seamlessly close that gap. Soundskrit closes that gap with our directional MEMS microphone, which provides TWS systems with incredibly clear audio. And with background noise removal, the world has a focus that it never had before. Soundskrit allows you to focus on what is important with less distortion.

Selective Hear-Through

  • Be aware of the environment when you are picking up calls on the go.
  • Be aware of the environment and be safe when you are walking in the street, listening to your music or picking up a call. Soundskrit improves the vocal quality in an noisy area.

Voice Calls

  • Sound clear and be heard from anywhere you are.
  • Make your calls from anywhere. Soundskrit removes unwanted sounds to maintain clear speech.

Hearing Assistance

  • Enhance only the sound in front of you.
  • With Soundskrit directional microphones , wake words in front of the user, reduce accidental wakes with our accurate wake detection and get the important message

Improved Battery-Life

  • Wear your wireless devices which last longer.
  • By using less microphones, Soundskrit cut the power consumption in all your devices.

Single Forward Dipole


Dual Forward Dipole


XY Microphones


Dipole + Omni


AN - 130


Integration Guide for Directional MEMS Microphones

AN-130 Soundskrit has released the first high-performance directional MEMS microphones to provide high directivity and SNR in a convenient MEMS form factor


AN - 411


XY Directional Microphone implementation Guie for Webcams

AN-411 High-quality audio in webcams is crucial for effective communication in video conferences and enthusiast content creators


AN - 410


Directional Microphone Implementation Guide for Webcams

AN-410 High-quality audio in webcams is crucial to enable effective communication in video conferencing and enthusiast content creators


User Experience: TWS

Audio quality is important in every aspect of life. Its time to get a laptop that takes audio quality seriously. In the past two years, online meetings have become more commonplace. This shift has put more stress on the technology we use to communicate with each other. Specifically, the microphones in our laptops have been placed under more stress than they can handle. While manufacturers have made significant strides to improve the video quality of the cameras in our laptops, the microphones are still less than adequate.

This makes communication difficult. Whether it’s a kid yelling in a different room or a noisy fan, these sounds are picked up and disrupt meetings. How can we possibly get rid of this background noise that our microphones pick up? Soundskrit’s directional microphones have the answer, allowing video conferencing to become as simple and as refreshing as talking in person..


Horizon Development Platform

The Soundskrit Development Platform is an easy-to-use board that highlights our five standard microphone configurations. The Horizon can mount to the top of your laptop and connects via USB. Our graphical user interface guides you through each configuration and various software features we have implemented. Through this, the raw microphone signals can also be accessed.

Audio Market

  • Existing omnidirectional microphones provide one-dimensional content that is unengaging
  • The large amounts of reverb in a typical office room makes speech unintelligible
  • Webcam audio is often frustrating. It lets all the distracting background noise from the environment into the audio stream which often overpowers the voice of the actual user.

Microphones Audio Webcam

Audio Challenges and Market Insights


of consumers said that support for ANC (Active noise cancellation) will influence their TWS purchase.1 Consumers want a smooth and seamless audio experience


of consumers said context awareness will impact their TWS purchase.


of consumers want the Bluetooth LE Audio because enables the Broadcasting to multiple devices for location-based audio sharing.1


of consumers want their earbuds and headphone to last at least 5 hours before recharging. Battery life is the leading purchase feature driver.


of gamers use TWS to play on their smartphones for 2 hrs./day. True wireless earbuds are becoming integral to mobile gaming


of listeners are driven by high-quality resolution or lossless audio quality.

Consumer sentiment toward audio use

Listening to music, podcasts and other media have a positive effect on my wellbeing
Having good audio in my wireless audio device gives the best experience when using my smartphone.
I make sure that sound quality on my devices gets better and better with every purchase.

Soundskrit Webcam Stereo Demo

Soundskrit microphones bring true stereo recording to consumer electronics. The professional techniques used to record live stereo require directional microphones. With Soundskrit directional MEMS microphones, these same techniques can be implemented in even the smallest portable devices.