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Jeffrey Leahy

Jeffrey Leahy

Jeffrey Leahy

Optimizing Cardioid Patterns

Optimizing Cardioid Patterns By Jeffrey Leahy 2023-09-11 Combining Microphones to Form Cardioid Pattern In various product applications, it is often desirable to combine an omnidirectional microphone with a dipole microphone. With some basic software, users can then combine the two…

Exploring Broadside Arrays of Directional Microphones

Exploring Broadside Arrays of Directional Microphones By Jeffrey Leahy 2023-09-11 Broadside Arrays of Directional Microphones In our earlier discussion, we learned how a broadside array of omnidirectional microphones works. However, it’s worth noting that the concept extends to directional microphones…

Assessing Speech Quality and Noise Reduction

Assessing Speech Quality and Background Noise Removal By Jeffrey Leahy 2023-07-17 Evaluating Speech Quality with Background Noise Removal Have you ever wondered how companies assess the speech quality of their microphones in noisy environments? How do these tests hold up…