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THE SKR0400Analog MEMS Directional Microphone

Features and Specifications
  • 20 Hz - 20 kHz directionality
  • 4.8 dB full-spectrum diffuse noise rejection
  • >20 dB noise rejection at the null
  • 63.5 dBA SNR
  • 1% THD at 116 dB SPL
  • 115 µA current consumption
  • Analog output - Single Ended and Differential
  • 2.65 mm x 3.50 mm x 1.10 mm small package

The SKR0400 is an analog directional MEMS microphones with a dipole pickup pattern for acoustic background noise rejection and superior signal isolation. The highly directional pickup pattern exists across the audible signal range for a full, high-fidelity sound. This directionality allows for clear pickup of the desired signal with minimal signal processing even in noisy environments. The SKR0400 is the industry’s lowest noise directional MEMS microphones.

No array-based or other MEMS solution offers comparable directionality and noise performance to the Triton series of microphones.

Application Notes


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