We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!

CES 2024

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Soundskrit's directional MEMS microphones are built to give your products studio quality audio. Soundskrit gives any of the below applications the audio of the future.

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The world's smallest directional microphone

We developed our microphones from the ground up to bring natural directivity and studio quality audio to today's applications. Our digital and analog MEMS microphones bring a new audio experience for consumers, due to the nature of our design. This animated video explains how traditional MEMS microphones work and breaks down our technology to explain how our microphones differ at a fundamental level.

SimplyClear Software

Our proprietary software, created from our extensive knowledge on directional audio signal processing, unlocks the full capability of our directional microphones. SimplyDSP brings traditional acoustic signal processing algorithms to DSPs, while SimplyAI brings the power of AI-based audio processing to any consumer electronics.

Hear the difference our software makes in this video!