We just announced the SKR0600 with higher SNR for more flexible integration!

Charley Beeman

Charley Beeman

Charley Beeman

Example Doc

AN-Example Integration Guide for Directional MEMS Microphones This document will introduce the key integration considerations of Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphones and help build intuition around how to use these microphones in products. AN-300 (En) AN-300 (Fr)


AN-240 Creating a High SNR Beamformer This document describes how to combine an omnidirectional and dipole microphone to create beamformers such as a hypercardioid with > 70 dB SNR. AN-240 (En) AN-240 (Fr)


AN-520 2-Wire Configuration to use MEMS with ECM Circuits This document describes a circuit which allows MEMS microphones to be used with electronics, such as headphone ports, designed for ECM microphones. AN-520 (En) AN-520 (Fr)