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MEMS Microphones Improving Speech Recognition

Let your tech listen with Soundskrit MEMS microphones

What is Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition is the recognition, by a computer program, of words and their meanings. It is an important tool for businesses, as speech recognition has uses in many different fields and products.

In daily life, people use speech recognition every time they speak to a smart assistant. It is used to respond to messages, to control other devices, to find new information, and to do so many more things.

As technology has advanced, the speech recognition applications have only grown. It is necessary for the growth in applications to be accompanied by a growth in the technology. Soundskrit provides this better technology through its unique noise-canceling microphones.

But first, how does speech recognition technology work?

How does it work?

Speech recognition is achieved through a combination of factors, starting with the use of a computer program, which breaks down human language, converting sound into data that is then analyzed and transformed into a language that the computer can understand. From that point, the computer extracts meaning from what was said and finds the appropriate response.

As the program analyzes more information, its speech recognition improves as it learns from what it hears. Speech recognition software grows through its best guesswork, using previous data and known speech patterns to try to understand what is being said. But these programs are only as good as the audio they hear.

MEMS microphones are a large piece of the crucial technology that creates functional speech recognition. This specific type of microphone is ideal due to its high signal-to-noise ratio, low power consumption, durability within a product, and tiny packaging size. This combination supports the desired smaller size of smart products, while not sacrificing the capabilities of the microphone.

To improve speech recognition, manufacturers will include numerous MEMS microphones in their products. These additional microphones allow the device to be more selective in the audio it records and processes, through a process known as beamforming. Beamforming allows microphones to isolate a user’s speech, avoiding “non-speech” audio that would degrade the speech recognition performance and accuracy.

Soundskrit’s Improvement

Soundskrit provides an improvement to this technology through its directional microphone. This microphone provides an increased ability to precisely localize where someone is talking from and isolate their voice. It allows a voice assistant to focus solely on the person speaking, while eliminating background noise. This focus provides clear audio for the speech recognition engine, which aids in the computer program’s deciphering of the speech.

Frustrating speech recognition in your virtual assistant of today.

This audio focus is possible because of Soundskrit’s unique MEMS microphone design. Soundskrit MEMS microphones can surpass the performance of traditional beamformers while using fewer microphones. And the sound that is picked up has more clarity than the omnidirectional microphone array counterpart can achieve.

Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphones are an improvement to smart technology, in both speech recognition accuracy and overall design. The improvements of our sensor allow for high-fidelity audio recording in any of your products. And the improved performance and miniaturized form factor mean that fewer microphones can achieve more. This allows for less power consumption and more integration flexibility when designing new products.

Technology that Listens

Have you ever tried to google something in a crowded room using the voice search function? Or use your Alexa while your TV is on? It can be difficult for your virtual assistant to understand what you are saying. Therefore, it is impossible to get the answer you want.

If you experience this problem in a stressful situation, such as trying to get new directions while driving in hectic traffic, you will want a virtual assistant who can reliably understand you. Having to deal with temperamental technology while under a time crunch can be a huge stressor. Your virtual assistant should be relieving you of stress, not adding to it.

With Soundskrit’s technology, you would not have to worry. Our MEMS microphones help your voice assistant hear you clearly, meaning you won’t have to repeat yourself five times to get what you want. Your questions, requests, and desires come through clearly, allowing for technology to solve problems for you.

Voice assistants won’t randomly turn on anymore either, as better microphones mean they won’t pick up on “non-speech”. You won’t have to deal with that annoyance of virtual assistants turning on and asking questions when you don’t want them to. Soundskrit microphones bring the smart back into these smart devices.

The Role of Speech Recognition in Your Life

With effective speech recognition technology, you can thrive like no other. Here are a few examples of how speech recognition can aid you, especially when this technology is utilizing Soundskrit’s MEMS microphone.

Speech recognition lets you conduct your business on the move. When you are running through your busy life, imagine how much easier it would be to simply dictate an email instead of having to sit down and type it out. When you are using Soundskrit’s MEMS technology, you have the assurance that your words will be recorded exactly as you say them.

Have you ever finished an exhausting day of work, and plopped down on your couch to relax with some good TV? If you’re like me, that is always the moment you realize you don’t have your remote. With a Smart TV that had Soundskrit microphones, you could rely on your voice assistant to do as you ask while you stay relaxed. No more getting up and looking all over your house for a remote that always manages to go missing.

Trying to multitask chores at home? Make tasks and reminders, send texts, or simply change your music around without slowing down by using smart products with Soundskrit microphones.

Easy and fun times when you use a smart speaker with our MEMS microphones.

Imagine how cool it would feel to walk into your fully connected Smart Home and have everything work right, your every request heard perfectly and executed as you wished.

Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphones bring your smart products that much closer to that Star Trek life you have always dreamed of.

Many people avoid using speech recognition software because they have had experiences where the microphone doesn’t understand them. Soundskrit is the fix to this issue, as it provides clear audio to the speech recognition software. These microphones will create solid trust in speech recognition technology.

Speech recognition has the potential to become a widespread technology. Experience the best of the best with technology that utilizes Soundskrit’s superior directional microphone. Your life only gets easier from there.