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A directional MEMS microphone here for you

Soundskrit's directional microphones provide clear audio no matter what conditions you are calling from.

Capture in the Cacophony

In the ever advancing world of business, the need for good audio capture has become increasingly important. Soundskrit has developed a bioinspired, directional MEMS microphone to fit that need in a way that no other company can.

An Important Call

You sit down at your home desk and log into your laptop. You know your material by heart. Your pitch is going to make a difference in your company and in your life. Nothing could go wrong.

You join the online meeting and say hello to a group of friendly faces, your potential investors. You are ready to impress.

Then the construction starts, jackhammers going off right outside your window while trucks incessantly beep. This unwanted noise is drowning out your voice. Unfortunately, the meeting has already started, and you cannot reschedule this meeting.

You slip on noise canceling headphones and try to keep going, but the damage has already begun. You can’t hear the construction. But your potential investors can’t hear anything at all. The cacophony is swallowing up your words, as the headset’s microphone picks up every noise around it.

How bored your audience is when you don't use products with directional MEMS microphones.

You push through the call and reach an end to your pitch right as there is a lull in the construction. You lean back in your chair and try to read the expressions of the investors. They do not seem as elated as you had hoped. So, you ask for questions. They have a lot of questions for you, going over many topics that were drowned out due to the noisy construction.

And now neither you nor they have the time to sit through another meeting. You have to give quick answers that lack depth. The call ends with an awkward thank you.

The Problems of Omnidirectional MEMS Microphones

The above story illustrates some of the problems that traditional, omnidirectional microphones experience. Specifically, the presenter in the story faced the issue of background noise, which causes distraction, a loss of speaker credibility, and poor audio quality for the audience. Background noise can take many forms, from noisy roommates to construction outside. 

This noise is distracting, for the speaker and the audience. Omnidirectional MEMS microphones pick up this noise and send all of these distracting sounds to the audience. The audience has a hard time listening to and understanding the speaker, as this unwanted noise makes it difficult to focus.

Furthermore, the noise makes key pieces of information lost or misheard. This can lead to misunderstandings which can create problems further down the line. And clarifying interruptions, which avoid problems related to understanding, interrupt the flow of the speaker. It is difficult to effectively conduct a business with these issues.

Background noise, which contributes to poor audio capture, can also lead to a loss of speaker credibility. A study published in Sage Journals showed that when a speaker has poor audio, the audience views the talk negatively. Even if the speaker is an expert on their topic, poor audio can alienate the audience. They are less likely to believe you, and in that loss of belief comes a loss in your business.

In the world of online business and communication, this background noise can seem insurmountable. Unexpected background noise can afflict even the best-prepared speakers, throwing them off their game. While preparation can count for a lot, sometimes the world is too chaotic for this preparation to matter.

Why Soundskrit is your Solution

Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphone is the solution to these problems. The design was inspired by the spider, utilizing countless years of evolution to create a superior product for your business. Spiders, along with many other insects, have perfected an audio capture design: a very small hearing system that can filter out unwanted sound very effectively. Soundskrit utilizes this design to allow for audio capture that typical omnidirectional microphones cannot match.

Soundskrit designs microphones that will improve on the audio capture that is so fundamental to online business. Audio capture is the recording of sound waves around a device, which are then often transmitted to online connections. Soundskrit improves on typical audio capture through directional recording which only focuses on a select area. In doing this, Soundskrit recorded audio will provide you with clear audio, free of superfluous noise.

Audio capture is accomplished through the use of a MEMS microphone. This type of microphone has a packaged sensor and integrated circuit. It converts variable sound pressure into data output through a hole in the package, which allows the sound waves to enter. The typical design is known as an omnidirectional MEMS microphone.

The improvement that makes Soundskrit microphones so great is a redesigned sensor. This sensor moves very closely with surrounding air particles. The difference of our sensor is that this new sensor moves in the same direction as the air particles, creating better sensing of sound. 

Your Audio Issues Fixed

With this design, our directional MEMS microphone won’t pick up noise coming from directions the microphone is not pointed at. And through the use of multiple high performance microphones and Soundskrit’s software, we can further enhance the isolation of sound in a specific direction. The end result is a microphone, when integrated into your laptop, that can record audio in one direction while ignoring all other sources of noise.

In effect, this technology allows the focus to remain on what is important: you.

This microphone isolates your audio, providing your audience with only what you want them to hear. Noisy construction outside your building? That won’t matter, because Soundskrit’s microphone only picks up on your voice. Kids making a lot of noise in the room behind you? Your online audience never even noticed. Your headphones break? No worries, you will sound just as professional. Your words, and therefore your business, become the sole importance to your audience when you use a laptop equipped with a Soundskrit microphone.

Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphone provides clear audio for the audience. The audio capture brings the high-quality sound of high-end headphones straight to your laptop. And because this dynamic microphone is designed to only listen to a specific area, your words come through clearly, as if you were in the room with your audience. They are drawn into your words, engaging with you in a way that other microphones cannot replicate. Communication is better, and when you communicate better you do better.

You, happy and successful, because you used products with directional MEMS microphones.

Had the speaker in the story above been using a laptop with Soundskrit’s MEMS directional microphones, they would not have had to worry about their audio. To the audience, they would have sounded just as clear as if they were in the same room. Remote calling is painless with Soundskrit’s directional MEMS microphones.

Business without Worries

Soundskrit makes conducting business easier, with less fear of the uncontrollable. Your message comes through undiluted, ready to capture the attention of anyone your business can serve. Soundskrit is the wind behind your business’s sails, easing connections and pushing you onwards to greater ventures.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out our video showcase:

Demonstration of a Laptop Using Soundskrit Microphones